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I'm Hungry.jpg

I'm Hungry​

“This is such a lovely story. I enjoyed the imaginative way the author brought in so many activities. It was definitely not what I was expecting, and I like that. The illustrations are bright and lovely too. A book well worth reading.”


"What a great concept for a book in showing the importance of spending time with your dad, (or other family member). In the brightly illustrated pages, the reader and listener can definitely feel the love!"

Grandma's Family Soup.jpg

Grandma's Family Soup​

“This is an adorable story that highlights the wonderful relationship between a Grandma and her grandchild. While making soup together, Grandma shows Amy that each member of the family plays an important part in making their family so special."


"Grandmas are the best! They are the heart and keepers of family traditions, memories, recipes and so much more. Author 'Gentleman Jim' does a beautiful job in portraying Grandma's bubbly personality while teaching an important lesson. The illustrations are very colourful and fun. Children will love this book. Highly recommend it!”

“A heartwarming story that brings a family together to celebrate Amy's graduation while Grandma teaches Amy to make her famous family soup. With a group of quirky characters and colorful illustrations, this story made me miss our family gatherings over the past year. I especially liked the questions at the end of the book they are sure to spark a conversation and the second reading of this delightful book.”

Spelf Check.jpg


“A fun and fresh take on the importance of spelling a well as trying to do things for yourself first. Cute illustrations that help make the story even more exciting for children to read. Great book for caregivers and kids to read together, or for use in a classroom.”

“So much fun! A really original concept which has been brought to life beautifully by the illustrator, SKlakina's delightful illustrations. The author skillfully uses an engaging and entertaining story to show children that checking and correcting spelling can be fun. A fantastic book to encourage children to not only read, but also to work on their spelling skills.”

Firefly Island.jpg

Firefly Island

“Even after their way of life is threatened in the name of progress, the Lampy villagers join together to light the way for their unsuspecting adversary. This one act creates a ripple effect of kindness, which is certainly a cause for celebration."

"True selflessness and humility are superbly illustrated in James Roberts' tale Firefly Island. Kids of all ages will be impacted by this delightful story.”

“Very cute story. The classic conundrum of invaders attempting to destroy a land that is already inhabited by someone else tied in with a lesson about conservation and hope for the future. I was pleasantly surprised by who the president turned out to be as well.”

The Toads and the Tadpoles.jpg

The Toads and the Tadpoles

“I believe I overheard this conversation right on my own porch where my little climate change refugees are living out a hot and hellish CA summer in a bucket and a pitcher."

"What a cute silly book for kids, the kind they will love and relate to. The pot calling the kettle...a toad eh? The illustrations are adorable. This little tale includes lessons about prejudice and cruelty, contrition, and parental tolerance and understanding. It provides for different angles for discussion with the little ones including the science of amphibians. What is the difference between a frog and toad? How do amphibians breathe? What is their habitat, and if you really want to bum them out, discuss how the entire taxon is going extinct globally and why. Since I work with kids, I look forward to reading it to them and using it as a segue into these other topics."


“This is a cute story that uses a little bit of humor to teach young children an important lesson about bullying. It is beautifully illustrated, and written in a clear and simple way that will be easy for children to understand. It's a great book to have in a primary classroom to help open up a conversation about bullying and being bullied. Well done!”

Gina and the Marines.jpg

Gina and the Marines

“ This is a super cute little tale and the artwork is colorful and fun. It tells of a young girl in hospital who is visited by Marines, each of whom encourages her to feel better. She, in turn, inspires them. I do wish it had a bit more storyline to it (~30 pages) as I felt it was a wee bit too brief and could use more dialogue, but I can see this book really making little kids feel better, especially when they're stuck in hospital as it has a very lovely message :)”

“Gina and the Marines. A terrific little book I read electronically. I didn’t understand the blank pages between each cartoon with words but at the end I had tears in my eyes. Also a great med for youngsters at home or in the hospitable. It hits the heart! A special Five star work.”

The Thrill Seekers.jpg

The Thrill-Seekers

“This was a lovely surprising read. I was interested in the book from the title but as I read it, I discovered that all the 'thrills' in life doesn't compare to the thrill of being a parent and part of a warm and loving family. All the adventures we seek to go on are all temporary thrills and can never fully satisfy us like the love of a family.”

“Different people make different choices in life, and what may be thrilling and important to one may not be for someone else. In this story, a couple comes to visit a family and tells them all about their recent travels and adventures. The family is impressed, but the kids feel a little guilty that their parents aren't able to go on these adventures because they have to stay home with them. The parents lovingly tell them that THEY are their adventure and provide them with the most important and best thrills! Sweet story stressing the joy of family.”

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