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How do you heal a broken heart? Meet Haley, a lovable Labrador puppy...and an unstoppable thief! Laugh along with her as she steals her way into Emily's heart, while also stealing anything else she can get her paws on along the way! Readers will enjoy the wild escapades of Haley as she brings love and laughter back into the life of her young best friend Emily.Get ready to hang on to your belongings and your heart while reading The Gift of Haley!

"That mad, old M looks mighty mean. He's the meanest letter you've ever seen! He makes life miserable for many-a-man. He goes and does it just because he can..." When things do not seem to go his way, that moody letter M gets a lesson in being mild! This is a rhyming story that will surely entertain children of all ages, while subtly teaching them the connection between sounds and individual letters.

The biblical story of Jonathan, son of King Saul when he leaves his frightened men and with the help of his armor bearer and the help of God overpowers the enemy.

An engaging, rhyming Christmas story of a mouse whose ancestor witnessed the birth of Christ and passed the story down through the generations.

Hi, my name is Cai'Lee Passley, and I am a 6 years-old book writer/author. This is my first time writing a children's book, but I have also sold my own brand of hand sanitizers, branded as, "Hani-Tizers" as well. I am an up-and-coming, kid entrepreneur and I am hoping to become much, much more! I love to dance and to read, and my favorite subject in school is math. I love creating new things, which is why I decided to write this book. This book is about my daily life with my little 8 months-old brother Cairo! He can be a handful sometimes, and he loves to cause trouble, but I love him and would not trade him for anything in the world. I hope you enjoy my book and stay tuned for more books to come!

That was one of those Boring days that Uni and Drago have. They did not have any plans: No birthday, no party, no flying class, ... nothing ...

Little Monster is starting his day on a happy note. What happens when he gets sick on the swing? Will his day end up in tears or can he regain the joy he felt at the beginning? Little Monster is an adventurous and daring fellow who loves to play with all his favourite toys. However, just like all little people, his mood can change at the drop of a hat. This delightful rhyming book follows Little Monster as he explores during the day. He encounters several challenging situations that he needs to deal with. Each situation causes him to feel differently and his emotions sway up and down throughout the day.With Little Monster, children will learn that it is alright to feel strong emotions. They will realise that they can manage their feelings on their own and if they can't, a loving hug makes everything better.

“I Am Daphne” is the story of a young girl who spends her childhood feeling different because she's small. Despite wishing and hoping, and her best efforts to change her height, Daphne learns a surprising lesson from her mother — about where her name comes from and the power behind its meaning. "I Am Daphne" is an inspiring book for anyone who has ever felt less than, and encourages children (and adults!) to embrace what makes them unique, through harnessing the power that lies within. Out there among the stars and blue, know that there lies a moon like you.

"Little Bird Wings" is a fanciful tale about Mockingbird, a popular and perky little thing among all of the birds that reside in the trees. Mockingbird is proud of his gift of song, but he longs for, and wants more adulation from the population of birds he serenades.

 One day while visiting with his Blue jay friend Fred, Mockingbird points out the high-flying Eagle in the sky above them, and says that is what he wants to be, but Fred tries to talk him out of it. Fred warns that such aspirations are fraught with danger, especially for a little Mockingbird. A chain of events occurs that puts Mockingbird in the very place he was dreaming of, but when there, he realizes there is more to being a high-flying bird of prey than he first thought. As he comes perilously close to disaster, he is rescued by the very bird that he reveres. A reconciliation of sorts occurs, and Mockingbird and Jon the Bald Eagle discover something about themselves as a result of that fateful meeting in the sky.

Maggie a polka dot hippopotamus goes on an adventure. She teachers children about the animals around the world.

Jamie's Pet is about a little boy who wants a pet. He is not sure what kind of pet to get. Jamie and his mother make a trip to the pet store. At the pet store, Jamie discovers all types of pets available. Jamie has to make a tough decision about which pet to get until he finds his perfect pet, his perfect friend.

Lorelai is a little girl who adores mysteries. Her partner is Niami, a cat with a nose for fishy business. Together, they are the LittleBig Detectives and they have a very important mission: catching misbehaving toys in the act and teaching them a lesson.The two detectives are ready to change the world of the apartment in which they live. Join them in their adventures, as they fight crime and uphold justice. Prepare yourself for a wonderful mix of adventure and mystery. Newspapers are stolen, eggs get broken and riddles are written on mirrors... you are in for a real treat!

Colin is small, even for a mouse. His mother refuses to let him play outside with his brothers and sisters unless he is wrapped in a big fluffy ball of cotton wool. But instead of keeping him safe, the cotton wool attracts the attention of every fierce creature imaginable — little boys, ducks, even foxes!
After a day of being flung, pecked and chased, Colin returns home without his cotton wool, but feeling much BIGGER — and ready to tell his mother that he can look after himself.

How Steven the Bear invented S’more is a fun camping story with Steven and his friends. They hike, camp, find animals, bird watch and on this particular adventure, Steven accidentally invents the amazing treat of S’mores. It’s a great read aloud picture book, with fun life lessons and beautiful illustrations. Be on the lookout for S’more adventures with Steven.

Marty's Road Trip is the story of a stowaway caterpillar from Sister Bay, Wisconsin, who unwittingly found himself in the loving home of an Illinois couple who bought a vase of flowers at a roadside stand. Though Marty and his newfound guardians were equally surprised to encounter one another, they were immediately comfortable and settled into the routine of daily life. But while Marty's new friends were going about their business, Marty was progressing through the various stages of becoming a beautiful monarch butterfly. And because Marty's "growing up" would be occurring during a pre-planned road trip to Pittsburgh, Marty's new friends took him along. (This journey, making it his second very unlikely road trip in a very short life.) The brief life shared by this unlikely trio, including Marty's escapades (both at home and on the road) and the trepidation felt by all as the inevitability of the "goodbye" approached, is the storyline in this picture book.

Sad, Scared, Confused is a conversation between a nine year old boy and his parents about sexual abuse.  This book can be a resource to educate all children about sexual abuse whether they have experienced it or not.  It can be a tool to prevent sexual abuse as well as an aid in guiding conversations and healing when abuse has occurred. The child in the book is very relatable.....Parents are always navigating their course when raising their children.  When sexual abuse happens, it may seem like an unexpected detour but it does not mean that your boat will sink.  How you respond to your child's experience can help get you and them back on course. Whether your intention is to teach your child about preventing sexual abuse or if you are helping your child heal from being sexually abused, this book and the conversation starters included in it can be useful tools.  Let's face it, talking about sexual abuse can be uncomfortable, but reading a book together may make the experience easier.  It is my sincere hope that your communication with the child you love can be stronger, your conversations deeper and your knowledge of sexual abuse increased through sharing this book.  I believe there is no greater act of love than reading with a child. 

A community of elves that are all the same, until one day a unique elf is born. None of the other elves understood that just because she was different, did not mean they could not play with her. All it took was one friend to say "Hello."
A lot of children have a hard time fitting in or making friends. Be the change and "Just Say Hello."
Just Say Hello is an amazing opportunity for teachers and parents to educate younger children about different disabilities, race, ethnicities, and much more. Help open and mold younger children to accept, and appreciate every ones unique differences.

This wildly imaginative, crayon-inspired picture book shows that with a bit of teamwork and a universe of creativity, anything is possible!
Gurple and Preen are in a big mess!
When they crash-land onto an unfamiliar planet with nothing but boxes of crayons, they must work together to get the mission back on course.
From Newbery Award–winning author Linda Sue Park and illustrator Debbie Ridpath Ohi comes a story about all the best things that can come out of a box of crayons.