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In his own words...


I’ve been writing since high school, but only recently graduated to publishing. I have a few books out, but I still feel like I’m new to it all. I’m not famous either, more like your neighborhood children’s book author. So, I like to think of myself as being fresh, local, and organic. I hope you can appreciate those qualities.

I’ve only been publishing children’s picture books for now. I do plan to write some chapter books or even longer story books in the future though. I have a few ideas. Picture books just seemed like the logical place to start. My books have been described as colorful adventure stories with a message. Though I’ve been accused of writing the stories for the adults, while just having the kids along for the ride. True, but the kids figure it out too. They’re really smart.


Anyway, I hope kids of all ages, even the grown up kids, enjoy my books. That’s really all that matters.

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