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Welcome to the official Gentleman Jim website where you can learn more about Gentleman Jim and his books for children, shop plushies, and see what Gentleman Jim is up to!

Books by Gentleman Jim

Readers Say . . .

Gentleman Jim has created a great tool for both parents and teachers alike
Gentleman Jim

Somewhere around 2014, I was at a railroad crossing, waiting for a train to pass. I thought to myself, "locomotive, it's really just a big word for a train." Suddenly, I had the idea that this could be a good way to teach kids big words. I thought it would be fun to use colorful pictures and association between big and small words to help kids remember the big words.


I was able to create six books of big words. While reading through a thesaurus for those, I realized there were a lot of "fun" sounding words also. This led to two books about "fun" words.


Now I enjoy writing full stories and wonder where I'll head next. Anyway, thanks for coming along for the ride! I hope you enjoy it!

Gentleman Jim Says . . .

"Sometimes, one step forward and two steps back simply means you're dancing"
Meet Gentleman Jim
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